About Us

Digital Marketing School, one of trend-setting digital marketing institutes in Kolkata, is dedicated to setting international standards for the advanced learners. With the aid of advanced and well-structured education modules, state-of-the-art infrastructure and recognized industry experts, we create world-class digital marketers who easily secure dignified positions in the present technology-driven society.

Our online bidding, digital marketing and content writing courses in Kolkata have been designed to ensure accuracy, clarity and industry standard. We have a dedicated advisory body that validates the syllabus of digital marketing course every year to confirm whether all students have learned the latest tools, analytics and techniques.

After satisfying more than 158 clients, 99% repeat customer and 100% satisfied clients across the globe, we have decided to establish this digital marketing academy in Kolkata.

We dream to be a globally preferred digital marketing institute, creating the value for students, education, society, and information technology. Our soul goal is to become an active participant in “Digital India”.